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How to Hack The Algorithm

TSS Method

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The first step to being able to reach more people and go viral is to give the algorithm what it wants, that is, to become its ally and for that, we must understand how it works.

TSS Method

There are 3 things the algorithm loves:

  • Time of visualization: Viewing Time refers to the total amount of time viewers spend watching your videos. This is a critical factor that most video and social media platforms' algorithms use to judge the quality and relevance of content. The more time users spend watching your video, the more the algorithm will interpret this as an indication that your content is engaging, valuable or entertaining, which will increase the likelihood that it will be promoted to a wider audience. This is where the art of retention comes into play (Link to this article).

    • Start with a Strong Hook: Capture your audience's attention in the first few seconds.

    • Add Value: Make sure your content is informative, entertaining or both.

    • Engaging Narrative: Create a common thread that keeps the audience engaged.

    • Quality over Quantity: Ensure a high-quality production in both image and sound.

  • Saves: There is not much to explain. It refers to the number of times your audience saves your content for later viewing. This behavior indicates to the algorithm that your content is valuable, useful or worth checking out.

    • Create Valuable Content: Make your content so informative or useful that users will want to return to it.

    • Include Calls to Action: Encourage your viewers to save your content for future reference.

    • Evergreen Content: Produce content that does not lose relevance over time.

  • Shares: This is one of the most powerful indicators of the quality of your content. When users share your content with others, it not only increases organic reach, but also signals to the algorithm that your video is worth spreading and will empower the algorithm to show it to more people. If at the same time, your content is of value and people spend time watching your video, this will make a virtuous circle with awesome power. Sharing can take the form of direct on-platform sharing, off-platform sharing or even trigger word-of-mouth.

    • Excite or Surprise: Content that arouses strong emotions is more likely to be shared.

    • Create Relatable Content: Make your audience see themselves reflected in your content.

    • Encourage Engagement: Invite your viewers to share your content with questions or calls to action related to community engagement.

I don't know if you've noticed, but the advice that is repeated on every occasion is to create VALUABLE content for your audience. If you don't make content that brings real value to them, you will not be able to go viral. That's why the first chapter of this course focuses especially on your value proposition and knowing your target audience.

Once you have the value of your content clear, what will make the difference is creating a content strategy with TSS intent. Instead of going viral for the sake of going viral, we are going to script all of this content with one of these 3 intentions.

It is worth mentioning that the algorithm also values on a smaller scale other actions such as:

  • Comments

  • Clicking on the profile

  • Follows

When creating content it is important to generate a 360 strategy contemplating all possible aspects. To generate more clicks to the profile and follow-ups we must have a neat profile. Remember that the goal is for the account to go viral and not for a video to go viral. Later on, we will see how to maintain a tidy IG profile.

Clever tips

  • Include some valuable information in the copy of the post so that the video keeps running and people spend more time on the platform. The text should not be too long so as not to bore the reader (he will lose interest in you). In the copy, you must attract the reader in the same way that your videos attract him. A good way to do this is to include extra information that you haven't included in the video itself.

  • Encourage viewers to share or save your content by introducing a call to action (CTA) that offers them additional benefits.

  • Display crucial information through on-screen captions but keep them brief. This strategy encourages viewers to pause or replay the video, increasing retention time and engagement as they seek to capture all the details you provide.

Course Program


Instagram & TikTok

  1. The Art of Retention (coming soon)

  2. Structure of a Viral Video (coming soon)

  3. Sound Effects (coming soon)

  4. Key Metrics and How to Analyze Them (coming soon)

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