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Instagram Errors While Publishing
Instagram Errors While Publishing
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If you are having problems connecting to Instagram, I recommend that you first read the following articles with common errors when making the connection:

If you have published a post on Instagram and got an error. Below you will find the error codes provided by Meta along with a recommendation from our side:


Error Message or Code

Problem described by Meta's official website



Code 36003, Subcode 2207009

The image has an unsupported aspect ratio


Error #200

Some permissions have not been enabled when making the connection with Followr.​


Code 25, subcode 2207050

Failed User access is restricted ‘User is unavailable – The Instagram account is either inactive or restricted.’

This usually happens when the account violates Instagram community guidelines or terms of use.

Log in to the associated account on the Instagram app and carefully follow the instructions on the screen to reactivate your account.


Failed [An unexpected error has occurred. Please retry your request later.]

Instagram displays this error message when it is experiencing temporary problems.

It's advisable to attempt reposting the same content later. In some instances, the content may be successfully posted on Instagram even if it initially displays a failed status on Followr.


Failed [Application request limit reached] or [User is performing too many actions]

Posting to an Instagram account through third-party tools is restricted to a maximum of 50 times per day. Accounts are constrained to 25 API-published posts within a 24-hour period, with carousels considered as a single post.

Limit your Instagram Post to 25 per day per account.


Fatal (code -1, subcode 2207001)

This issue happens due to Instagram's anti-spam mechanism being activated. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn't provide information about the cause of the error or how to avoid it in the future—there are no additional details or insights offered. Instagram intentionally withholds specifics to prevent any attempts to bypass their system.

We suggest posting a revised version—make adjustments to the draft, change the image if applicable, etc., and attempt the post again.


Page request limit reached (code 32, subcode null)

This error surfaces when the profile has reached its API call threshold. Consequently, we are presently unable to publish any content on this particular profile. The API call limit is contingent on DAP (daily active people). As the daily visitor count to your page increases, your API limit also rises. Upon reaching the limit for followers, your profile will be locked on Instagram or Facebook and will persist in that state until one of these platforms unlocks it.


Code 9, subcode 2207042

You reached the maximum number of posts that are allowed to be published through the API

This error may occur when you surpass the maximum limit of 25 published posts within a 24-hour period. The only recourse in such a situation is to patiently wait before attempting to publish another post.


Code 25, subcode 2207050

Your Instagram Professional account is inactive, checkpointed, or restricted.

Please sign in to the Instagram app and complete any actions the app requires to re-enable your account.


Code 352, subcode 2207026

The video format is not supported. Please check the specifications for the supported video format

Unsupported video format. Kindly upload a MOV or MP4. See Video specifications


Code 36000, subcode 2207004

The image is too large to download.

The image exceeded the maximum file size of 8MB. Kindly try again with a smaller image.


Media ID is not available

The media is not ready for publishing.

Try uploading the post once again. Usually one of the next tries is successful. If even after multiple attempts to publish your post it is not published successfully, please check your video / image file - it might not be eligible for publishing after all, due to incorrect resolution, bitrate, aspect ratio, etc.


The Media ID could not be fetched.

This just means that the media did not save properly when you were scheduling your auto-post the first time

If you swap the media by uploading the same image again, and rescheduling, it should work for you next time.


(#10) The user is not an Instagram Business

This is because only Professional Business accounts have the capability to directly post Instagram Stories.

You need to change from a professional creator account to a professional Business account. Step-by-step


Media upload took too long

The file overcomes some of the limitations set by IG. Check the article with the limitations.

Create the file within the parameters required by IG. If the file is already created an alternative could be to use an online video/image converter.

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