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How to Add a Facebook Page to Your Professional Instagram Account
How to Add a Facebook Page to Your Professional Instagram Account

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Before You Begin:

When you switch to a professional Instagram account, you'll be asked if you want to connect it to a Facebook page. While this isn't mandatory, we recommend connecting your Facebook business page with Instagram to make the most of Instagram's business tools.

You can also change the connected Facebook page to your professional Instagram account at any time. In the following instructions, we'll guide you on how to add a Facebook page to a professional Instagram account or change the connected page.

You have the option to do it from the Facebook Page or the Instagram App account. You just need to choose one option but we will let you with both in case one of them becomes easier for you:

From Facebook side

  1. Go to and log in with your personal Facebook account.

  2. Click on your personal profile picture. A list will appear with all the Facebook pages you have access to. If the Facebook page does not appear, it means that you do not have access to it. For that, you must make sure you have the correct permission level.

  3. Select the Facebook page you are trying to connect to Instagram

  4. Click on the profile picture once again (Facebook page profile picture this time, the one you have just selected)

  5. Click on Settings & Privacy

  6. Click on Settings

  7. On the left sidebar, select the πŸ”—"Linked Accounts" option

  8. Select "Instagram"

  9. Connect your Instagram account. Once connected you should see something like this:

From Instagram side

How to Connect a Facebook Page to Your Professional Instagram Account:

To add a Facebook page to a professional Instagram account or change the connected page, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile.

  2. Select "Edit Profile."

  3. Under "Public Business Information," select "Page."

  4. Tap "Create a Facebook Page" or "Connect an Existing Page."

  5. Choose the page you want to connect or select "Create a New Facebook Page."

  6. Tap "Done" after selecting or creating a page.

By following these steps, you will have successfully connected your professional account to a Facebook page. If the page you want to connect to doesn't appear in your profile's dropdown menu, it may be because you don't have access to that page on Facebook. Check the page's settings and ensure you have permission to add it to your professional Instagram account.

Your Instagram account still doesn't appear on the list of options.

You have already done all the previous steps and connected your Facebook page to the Instagram account but it still doesn't appear in your list of Instagram Integration.

There could be some occasions when the Facebook connection fails. In order to fix this issue you can delete the Followr-Facebook integration through your Facebook personal account

  1. Login to your account, and navigate to Settings & privacy

  2. Under Settings & privacy, click SettingsChoose Business Integrations from the left panel

  3. Search for the Followr application in the Business Integrations. Once you find the application, click on Remove

  4. Upon clicking the remove button, a confirmation popup will appear on the screen. Check/Uncheck the notification checkbox depending on your preference, then click on Remove

  5. Followr has been successfully removed from integrations.

In Followr:

Now, open Followr to restart the connection process and ensure that there are no problems. The following steps will guide you through the process.

  1. Log in to your Followr account, and go to Company Settings > Integrations

  2. Look for the Facebook integration and press the trash icon

  3. Confirm the action.

  4. After successfully deleting the integration, go under the Not Integrated section and search for the Facebook option. Click on Integrate Facebook

  5. A new pop-up will appear. Click on the Connect with Facebook button.

  6. After clicking, a new website will appear asking you to approve the permission asked by Followr. It is important to approve all permissions to avoid errors while using the platform in the future.

  7. After accepting the permissions, you will be directed to the Followr website. There, you will see a list of Facebook pages connected to your logged-in account. If your desired page does not appear, make sure you are logged in to the correct account. If needed, please repeat all steps outlined in this article.

  8. Select the Facebook page you would like to use with Followr and click on Connect Facebook Page

    Followr Integracions

Hopefully, that resolved all the issues you're facing!

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