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Troubleshooting Medium
Troubleshooting Medium
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Troubleshooting Medium Integration with Followr

If you're experiencing issues with scheduling posts on Medium through Followr, the problem is likely due to the API token needing renewal. Follow these steps to reintegrate Medium with a new token:

  1. Disintegrate Medium from Followr:

    • Go to your Followr account settings.

    • Navigate to the "Integrations" section.

    • Find Medium and click on "Disintegrate" to remove the current integration.

  2. Revoke and Obtain a New Token on Medium:

    • Log in to your Medium account.

    • Go to the "Settings" and Security section.

    • Locate the API tokens and click on "Revoke token" to invalidate the current token.

    • Generate a new token and copy it.

  1. Reintegrate Medium with Followr:

    • Return to your Followr account.

    • Go back to the "Integrations" section.

    • Select Medium and click on "Integrate."

    • Paste the new token from Medium and complete the integration process.

This should resolve any issues with scheduling posts on Medium. The need for a new token is due to occasional API failures that require re-establishing the connection.

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