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AI Image Generation - Style Guide
AI Image Generation - Style Guide

How to properly use the AI Image Generation Feature

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Followr uses DALL·E 3 as its image creation engine. There is no correct way to create prompts for image generation. Followr understands people's natural language without having to make complex prompts. You can be as specific as you want or just write a single word.

The languages accepted for the prompts are the same ones that are supported by Followr at the playground section. If you don't find yours, just let us know so we can add it.

You can use the concept of strangeness in the prompt to ask Followr for something unusual, for example: "An elephant with high levels of strangeness". The result may give you something like this:

Followr Image creation

Remember that you can not only create square images. These are the three types of available formats:

  • 1024x1024 (square)

  • 1792x1024 (landscape)

  • 1024x1792 (portrait)

Asking Followr to generate images with a specific word or phrase can be very useful; however, keep in mind that text creation is not its greatest strength, and it may occasionally generate text inaccurately, especially with proper nouns.

The same can happen when asking for images that show the faces of human beings. It shouldn't surprise you to see unusual distortions and strange faces in the images.

DALL·E 3 doesn't create images of real people, so when asking it to create an image of a particular person, it will create a fictitious image created by the AI.




Grumpy pirate on the deck of a ship with a plucked parrot on his shoulder

Anteater battling a group of large red ants wielding spears and shields. Utilizing a Hyperrealism technique

A dramatic photo of a young Indian teenager in the 5th ave, golden hour

An old letter on a desk aboard the Titanic that reads "From Rose to Jack"

Create a whimsical image portrays a stylish adventurer duck with human-like features standing on the river bank within a forest setting. The duck wears clothing and accessories typically associated with humans. The duck dons a beige jacket, straps across its body, and a flat cap atop its head. The surrounding environment features lush greenery and trees, creating an almost fantastical atmosphere

Photography. realistic. very detailed. an owl wearing a batik shirt, and a 10 month old baby boy, wearing clothes made of bird feathers, they sit relaxed, very intimate, in the living room, high resolution. HD 16k. Cinematic. studio

Female half-elf fantasy rogue with a dagger and no armor. The ears are hidden under a head scarf. She is in a medieval village

Create a cute baby dragon made from Mandarin. ultra realistic, Vray rendering

Create a photorealistic image of a Fanta can. The Fanta can is rusty and has dents and cracks. On the right side there is a metal stair to the top of the can. On top there is a human figurine which is holding binoculars in front of his eyes. The background is a nature scene with a strong bokeh. It is early morning with a moist atmosphere

A brown Labrador, laying on his back and his paws in the air, sleeping in a cozy spot. Low camera angle, living room. Dreaming.

Create an image of a happy troll with grey hair. he looks very happy. He has an apple in his hand with a lot of moisture and drops on the apple. He licks the Apple. broken effect. Warm tones in the air

Create a photorealistic 3d image showing a mother's work is never done. She's trying to cook, clean, and change a baby's diaper, at the same time.

Create a 3D image of a dump truck. Yellow paint and black accents. Give it a look as if it just came out of the mud. Big wheels, A few spare wheels, highly detailed. there are construction workers walking around. Photorealistic. Vray global illumination. Mirror glaze. Background of a construction yard, bokeh. Cinemetic.

Create a photorealistic 3d image of a panel van that has a photo wrap on it with an image of dinosaurs on it driving down a freeway. Not on the windows

Create a Hyundai I30 with nice red paint. The car is parked in a lush forest in front of a puddle of clear water. The license plates should be from Dutch origin. bokeh effect.

A vibrant yellow banana-shaped couch sits in a cozy living room, its curve cradling a pile of colorful cushions. on the wooden floor, a patterned rug adds a touch of eclectic charm, and a potted plant sits in the corner, reaching towards the sunlight filtering through the window.

A vast landscape made entirely of various meats spreads out before the viewer. tender, succulent hills of roast beef, chicken drumstick trees, bacon rivers, and ham boulders create a surreal, yet appetizing scene. the sky is adorned with pepperoni sun and salami clouds.

A minimap diorama of a cafe adorned with indoor plants. Wooden beams crisscross above, and a cold brew station stands out with tiny bottles and glasses.

Tiny potato kings wearing majestic crowns, sitting on thrones, overseeing their vast potato kingdom filled with potato subjects and potato castles.

Close-up photograph of a hermit crab nestled in wet sand, with sea foam nearby and the details of its shell and texture of the sand accentuated.

A 3D render of a coffee mug placed on a window sill during a stormy day. The storm outside the window is reflected in the coffee, with miniature lightning bolts and turbulent waves seen inside the mug. The room is dimly lit, adding to the dramatic atmosphere.

A modern architectural building with large glass windows, situated on a cliff overlooking a serene ocean at sunset.

Illustration in flat design style of a diverse family of monsters. The group includes a furry brown monster, a sleek black monster with antennas, a spotted green monster, and a tiny polka-dotted monster, all interacting in a playful environment.

A good practice to obtain more accurate results is to specify in the prompt the type of art you want the image to have.

Here is an extensive guide on different types of art and techniques to use when creating your designs. Remember that, if not specified, Followr will use its best judgment. Additionally, you can ask it to combine more than one option:

  • Digital Arts

  • Photography

  • Traditional Fine Arts

  • Designs

  • Mediums & Techniques






Elephant, Digital Painting

Digital Painting

Painting created using digital tools

Elephant, Digital Drawing

Digital Drawing

Drawing created using digital tools

Elephant, Digital Art

Digital Art

Art created using digital technology, including computer-generated imagery and 3D models

Elephant, Fantasy


Imaginative art style that often features magical creatures, supernatural elements, and mythical settings

Elephant, Pixel Art

Pixel Art

Digital art created using individual pixels as the smallest visual unit, reminiscent of early video game graphics

Elephant, Cyberpunk


Futuristic art style that often features dystopian settings, advanced technology, and cybernetic enhancements

Elephant, Vaporwave


A nostalgic art style that combines elements from the 80s and 90s with surreal, dreamlike compositions

Elephant, Comic Book

Comic Book

Art style found in American and European comic books, characterized by bold lines and dynamic action

Elephant, Low Poly

Low Poly

3D art style that uses a limited number of polygons to create simple, geometric shapes

Elephant, Glitch Art

Glitch Art

Art style that incorporates digital errors, distortions, and noise to create visually striking images

Elephant, Manga


Japanese comic book art style, similar in appearance to anime but often more detailed and intricate

Elephant, Anime


A Japanese animation style characterized by vibrant colors, exaggerated facial expressions, and dynamic movement

Elephant, Sci-Fi


Art style that focuses on futuristic settings, advanced technology, and extraterrestrial life






Elephant, Nature Photography

Nature Photography

Depicts wildlife, plants, and other natural elements

Elephant, Street Photography

Street Photography

Candid images of people and events in public spaces

Elephant, Holga


A photography style that uses the Holga camera, known for its light leaks, vignetting, and soft focus

Elephant, Double Exposure Photography

Double Exposure Photography

A technique that combines two or more images into a single frame, often resulting in dreamlike or surreal compositions

Elephant, Panoramic Photography

Panoramic Photography

Wide, sweeping images that capture expansive scenes

Elephant, Performance Photography

Performance Photography

Captures live art performances and events

Elephant, Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography

Features underwater environments and marine life

Elephant, Time-Lapse Photography

Time-Lapse Photography

A sequence of images taken over a period of time, often used to show change

Elephant, Documentary Photography

Documentary Photography

Captures real-life events, people

Elephant, Photograms


Cameraless photographic images created by placing objects directly on photosensitive paper

Elephant, New Objectivity

New Objectivity

An art movement that focused on unsentimental realism and social critique in painting and photography

Elephant, Installation Photography

Installation Photography

Documents large-scale, immersive art installations

Elephant, Film Noir

Film Noir

A style of photography influenced by the dark and moody visual style of classic film noir movies

Elephant, Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

Captures landscapes and subjects from an elevated perspective, often using drones

Elephant, Micro Photography

Micro Photography

Extremely close-up images, often requiring specialized equipment like microscopes

Elephant, Macro Photography

Macro Photography

Close-up images of small subjects, revealing intricate details

Elephant, Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

Focuses on capturing the likeness and personality of a person or group of people

Elephant, Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography

Captures natural and man-made environments

Elephant, Still Life Photography

Still Life Photography

Features arranged inanimate objects as the subject

Elephant, Seascape Photography

Seascape Photography

Features bodies of water, coastlines, and marine life

Elephant, Astrophotography


Captures celestial objects and astronomical events

Elephant, Animated Photography

Animated Photography

Combines photography with animation techniques

Elephant, Banksy Photography

Banksy Photography

Focuses on the work of the famous street artist Banksy

Elephant, Futurist Photography

Futurist Photography

A photography style that captures the dynamism, speed, and energy of the Futurist art movement

Elephant, Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography

Captures animals in their natural habitats

Elephant, Cyanotypes


A photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print using sunlight

Elephant, Graffiti Photography

Graffiti Photography

Features street art and graffiti

Elephant, Cityscape Photography

Cityscape Photography

Depicts urban environments and architectural subjects

Elephant, Mixed Media Photography

Mixed Media Photography

Combines photography with other artistic mediums

Elephant, Stop-Motion Photography

Stop-Motion Photography

A series of photographs combined to create the illusion of movement

Elephant, Lomography


A photography style that embraces imperfections and spontaneity using low-fidelity cameras

Elephant, Pinhole Photography

Pinhole Photography

A cameraless photography technique that uses a small hole in a light-tight container to project an image






Elephant, Realism


Depicts subjects with accuracy and detail, emphasizing objective representation

Elephant, Impressionism


Captures the feeling or atmosphere of a scene, often using loose brush strokes and vivid colors

Followr image

Elephant, Trompe l’oeil

Trompe l’oeil

A technique that uses realistic imagery to create optical illusions, making objects appear three-dimensional

Elephant, Conceptual Art

Conceptual Art

Emphasizes the idea behind the artwork rather than the physical object

Elephant, Minimalism


Simplistic, geometric forms with a focus on color and composition

Elephant, Hyperrealism


An art style that achieves an extremely high level of realism, often surpassing what is seen in photographs

Elephant, Constructivism


Abstract, geometric art influenced by the Russian Revolution

Elephant, Cubism


Fragmented and abstracted subjects, exploring multiple perspectives

Elephant, Dada


Challenges traditional notions of art, embracing absurdity and randomness

Elephant, Futurism


Emphasizes speed, technology, and modernity

Elephant, Surrealism


Combines dreamlike imagery with elements of reality

Elephant, Pop Art

Pop Art

Features imagery from popular culture and mass media

Elephant, Art Deco

Art Deco

Geometric and decorative style, popular in the 1920s and 1930s

Elephant, Expressionism


Conveys emotional and psychological aspects of the subject through color, texture, and brushwork

Elephant, Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau

Flowing, organic forms often inspired by nature

Elephant, Fauvism


Characterized by bold, non-naturalistic use of color

Elephant, Abstract


Non-representational art focusing on shapes, colors, and lines






Elephant, Interior Design

Interior Design

Art and science of creating functional and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces

Elephant, Industrial Design

Industrial Design

Creation of products with a focus on form, function, and user experience

Elephant, Bauhaus


An influential design movement focused on functionality, simplicity, and the unity of art, craft, and technology

Elephant, Ceramic Art

Ceramic Art

Art and design involving the creation of objects made from clay and other ceramic materials

Elephant, De Stijl

De Stijl

An art movement that advocated for pure abstraction and simplicity, using geometric shapes and primary colors

Elephant, Lyrical Abstraction

Lyrical Abstraction

An abstract art movement that emphasized free, emotive, and personal expression in painting

Elephant, Art Informel

Art Informel

A European abstract art movement characterized by spontaneous and gestural brushwork

Elephant, Textile Design

Textile Design

Creates patterns and designs for fabrics, clothing, and other textiles

Elephant, Bone Art

Bone Art

Art and design created using bone, often from animals, as the primary medium

Elephant, Shell Art

Shell Art

Art and design created using shells as the primary medium

Elephant, Paper Art

Paper Art

Art and design created using paper as the primary medium

Elephant, Book Art

Book Art

Art and design created using books and bookbinding techniques

Elephant, Action Painting

Action Painting

An abstract expressionist painting technique that emphasizes the physical act of painting

Elephant, Color Field Painting

Color Field Painting

An abstract painting style that features large fields of flat, solid color

Elephant, Tachisme


An abstract painting style characterized by spontaneous brushwork, drips, and blobs of paint

Elephant, Product Design

Product Design

Develops and enhances the appearance and functionality of everyday items

Elephant, Metal Art

Metal Art

Art and design created with metal as the primary medium

Elephant, Wood Art

Wood Art

Art and design created using wood as the primary medium

Elephant, Stone Art

Stone Art

Art and design created using stone as the primary medium

Elephant, Furniture Design

Furniture Design

Design and creation of functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture

Elephant, Paper Mache

Paper Mache

Art and design created using a mixture of paper and adhesive to create sculptures and other objects

Elephant, Glass Art

Glass Art

Art and design created using glass as the primary medium






Elephant, Tempera


An ancient painting medium using pigments mixed with a water-soluble binder, often egg yolk

Elephant, Fresco


A mural painting technique that applies water and pigments to wet plaster, resulting in a durable finish

Elephant, Pencil


A common drawing medium that uses graphite encased in wood, known for its precision and control

Elephant, Oil Painting

Oil Painting

A versatile painting medium that uses oil as a binder, known for its rich colors and slow drying time

Elephant, Encaustic


A painting technique that uses heated beeswax mixed with pigments, known for its texture and luminosity

Elephant, Charcoal


A drawing medium made from charred wood, known for its rich, dark tones and expressive mark-making

Elephant, Acrylic


A fast-drying, water-soluble paint that can be used for various styles, from transparent to opaque

Elephant, Pastel


A soft, chalk-like medium that can be used for both drawing and painting, known for its vibrant colors

Elephant, Watercolor


A painting technique that uses water-soluble pigments, known for its transparency and fluidity

Elephant, Divisionism


A variation of pointillism that uses larger, more distinct brushstrokes and color separation

Elephant, Pointillism


A painting technique that uses small, distinct dots of color to create an image when viewed from a distance

Elephant, Ink


A versatile medium that can be used for drawing or painting, known for its fluidity and bold lines

Useful Tips

  1. Clear and Detailed Descriptions: Provide clear and detailed descriptions of what you want. The more information you provide, the better the model's understanding will be.

  2. Experiment with Concepts: Try describing abstract concepts or unconventional ideas. DALL·E 3 Followr provider is known for its ability to generate creative and unique images.

  3. Adjust the Length of the Description: Experiment with the length of the descriptions. Sometimes, shorter descriptions can be more effective, while others may require additional details.

  4. Explore Different Image Sizes: Play with the size of generated images. You can experiment with different resolutions to suit your needs.

  5. Refine with Iterations: If the first generation is not exactly what you're looking for, iterate by adjusting and refining the description for better results.

  6. Experiment with Animation: DALL·E 3 can generate animated images. Experiment with descriptions that suggest movement to achieve interesting results.

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